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 suggestion on how to get more D.L.

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PostSubject: suggestion on how to get more D.L.   Sat Jun 07, 2008 5:10 pm

The Flood gates are open with the release of Foundry for free its making it harder and harder for a person to get his maps seen let alone D.L.
I will be giving suggestions on how to get your map noticed and ultimately get you more D.L.
What u need to think about is that Bungie only give us 100 available slots for DLC and that includes not only maps but also screen shots, game variants, and video clips
So the question is why should anyone D.L. your map?
hopefully with this guide you will be able create a outstanding post and in turn get a high count of D.L.

1. Description
Hopefully you have taken time in designing and testing your map give us your thoughts on the map
Explain your initial idea for the map and then explain how you came to the end result
Describe the hot spots of the map and definitely explain anything that is unique about your map
Give a list of playable game types and suggested number of players for your map

2. Weapons List
This is one area that is very important yet 75% of the time is over looked on posts
give a full list of all weapons and qty of each weapon also how many clips per weapon you can even go as far as stating what the respawn times are for each weapon

3. screen shots
Try to never take screen shots in forge members will see spawn points and item markers and truthfully it just looks tacky
instead try taking action shots of your map this will help give the viewer perspective
In the event of taking pic's in a small room what I do is I set one wall to not respawn at start and take the pic from that angle in order to get a clear shot

4. imbed
most members will not bother with maps if they have to jump from site to site to see the whole picture
Again hopefully you have taken time in designing and testing your map don't skimp at the end and create a poor looking post take pride in your work
imbed those pics if your not sure here is a link for instruction on imbeding

5. back story
A lot of people are creating back stories for there maps if you have a good imagination and good writing skills this is definitely a to do for your post

6. logo
If writing is not your thing but u have some art skills try creating a logo for your map remember all u want is one thing on your post thatís eye catching to get them to keep scrolling threw your post and a good logo is all it takes

7. Youtube Video
If you have a capture card donít let it go to waist use that thing and watch your D.L. count rise

6. interlock interlock interlock
Need I say more

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suggestion on how to get more D.L.
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